Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hail to the Chief

Well, in order to title this post, I had to consult that old pneumonic mnemonic "I before E except after C, or when sounding as A, like is 'neighbor' or 'way', and on weekends and holidays, and all throughout May... and you'll always be wrong, no matter what you say." (1) If you hadn't guessed, I never really "got" that rule. I would like to do away with the "-ie-" all together (although not the 'i.e.', I'm a big fan of that one). In addition, I also want to add the letter Φ (phi) to replace "ph" (of maybe just make it an "f"), and Θ (theta) to replace "th". But of course no one asked (and who am I to think I could succeed where Teddy Roosevelt failed?). And since we're talking about it, I would like some consensus on the letter "y". Is it a vowel? A consonant? Is it resonant?!

Wow, I got sidetracked. As I was saying, hail to the chief... As a pseudo-Notre Dame student, I had heard that President Obama is coming to give the commencement speech here this year. I hadn't given it too much thought, other than how much better of a speaker they'll have than was at my college graduation. I didn't realize there was such the furor over it. I guess even with crucifixes in every study room at the library (which I have developed a profound inability to study without), I forgot just how Catholic of a place it is. And how strongly the Catholic stance is on the issue of abortion. There has been quite the furor over it.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Just a quick update on the rock-star-style life that I lead... I've been, um, studying all weekend. I also finally put in my preferences for my third year clerkship schedule (2 days before it was due, thank-you-very-much). In addition, I've avoided any more library-related incidents, which is a definite improvement.

I'm also cursing wind pollination and IgE.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I know it's only rock and roll, but...

This afternoon, I was studying at home. I had my laptop out, and I had it playing music. It was loud enough to be heard, I just had it going through the speakers. Well, I started being less and less productive, so I decided to head over to the library. So, I just shut my computer, without turning it off or anything, especially without turning off the music. I was concerned when it kept playing with my computer shut, but it eventually turned off before I had a chance to do anything about it.

Fast forward to me, at the library. I get my computer back out, open it up, and before I can even do anything, it starts back up again playing loud music for everyone in the library to hear. And my computer isn't fully "awake" at that point, so there isn't a whole lot I can do, except just kind of wait it out until it wakes up and I can turn the music off.

Basically, I made a whole bunch of new friends at the library tonight. Maybe I should post my story to this website (caution: you very well may be offended).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble

This weekend, my housemates and I had the privilege of going to Washington, DC for the AMA's annual medical student/resident/fellow "Lobby Day".
It was quite the experience. There were several hundred of us there from most of the states in the country, and we spent our time learning about how to be more effective advocates for public health and health care initiatives at some workshops and lectures Sunday night and Monday morning, and then my fellow Indiana colleagues and I got to meet with staff at both of the Indiana Senators' and our various House representatives' offices to discuss some health care issues ranging from improving access to health care in rural and underserved urban populations in our state to the impact of the massive student debt on treatment and prevention efforts and outcomes.
It is an exciting time to be discussing health care policies, given the current political climate, the new President's emphasis on health care reform, and the apparent mandate that he recieved in the most recent election to go forward with these reforms. Just last Thursday there was a huge summit of government officials, industry experts, and interested parties, which met with the President to discuss this very issue. So it's an exciting time, but also an uncertain time, because even while we all know that the proper and best solution to our health care problems is out there, there are a whole host of ways that we might be able to do this wrong.

Knowing that, I would say I have what you might call "guarded optimism" about the whole situation. But at least I won't be able to say that I didn't try my best to help our elected officials "get it right".

Well, perhaps this has gotten a bit more 'political' than is usual for me. However, that's what I've been up to the last couple of days, and even though it may be one of "the two things you don't talk about" in everyday life, it's definitely important, and something that we have to talk about at some point.