Friday, November 28, 2008

I Was Told There Would Be Tur-Duck-en... Somebody Lied!

It's not every day that I spend hours and hours sitting around with family, talking about a new baby, the weather, football, senior pictures inspired by the grunge era, turkeys, and rabbits. Not that I don't spend every waking moment thinking about all of these things all year round. It's just that normally, they aren't really legitimate topics for conversation. At least not if I want to keep the friends that I do have... However, once a year, Thanksgiving rolls around, and all of these things (which are just a smattering of the things that I'm thankful for this year) become topics for serious discussion (or to be eaten, in the case of the turkey and rabbits). And to tell the truth, I like it. Come to think of it, I'm thankful for it!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"All week long, we're some real nobodies..."

Let me begin by saying that I love what I'm doing. I might be apt to complain about having to spend all my time reading a book or something like that. But in reality, I love it. I spent the vast majority of today reading two chapters of one book about pathology. But in that time, I got to enjoy learning the intricacies of high blood pressure and its relation to kidney function, cholesterol (in all its glory), the development of the heart in the fetus (one of the most confusing, and amazing things ever, all at once), and the finer points of varicose veins. And the thing is, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Earlier in the week, I was back in the hospital, with my very intense preceptor. Always an experience, hopefully a good one. We met him in the emergency department office, and then went up to one of the floors. While we were in the emergency department, we walked by a room. The door was open. There was a patient sitting in the bed (This doesn't violate HIPPA, I promise). After we walked past that room, Dr. Preceptor turns to us as says (exact quote), "Diagnosis?" Naturally, I said, "what?!?" How should I know? I just walked by the room. After that, he stopped us, we turned around and walked by the room again, and he says "Look left" (to look in the open door), and then "Turn around, look right" (to look in the door again), and then "Diagnosis?" Of course, neither I nor my fellow med student counterpart had a diagnosis (I mean, we just walked by a room!). I think he was just trying to make the point that we should be forming an opinion from the moment we see a patient what's going on with them. But I'm not sure--he might have just been messing with our heads. Anyway, I probably didn't tell my story quite as well as I should have. But, as I said, it was an experience, as it always is. And you know what? I love it.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Hello all! I thought now was a good time to do an actual post...

I guess a lot has happened since my last one. I've been a little busy the last couple of weeks, mostly with studying for my general pathology final exam (which means that as of last week, general path is over!), and over this past weekend, I went down to Indianapolis and visited some friends from college. Originally we were planning to go out hiking and then camp out in the woods Saturday night, but based on the weather, the powers that be (i.e. my friends) decided that it would be better if we didn't do that. So we ended up just hanging out in town. Anyway, it was a pretty good time.

Then, earlier today, I had an Intro to Clinical Medicine exam (yes, I guess I've reached the point where I'm willing to go out of town the weekend before an exam...whatever that means). Anyway, after I got done we got to look over the answer key, and count up what our grade would be, and I passed (with some points to spare even)! Which is good news, because I would have felt like I had been being lazy all weekend if I hadn't.

So, that's the exciting story of my life. I guess in addition, it snowed here last night... I've really been dreading the snow, because I remember how much we got here last year, but now that its actually here, its not so bad. I mean, I won't go so far as to say that I really liked driving in it today, but it isn't all that bad... at least not today. Unfortunately, I'll probably be singing a different tune come February, but at least for now I can handle it.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Just another great day in South Bend... fun times had by all, to be sure. I actually spent the entire day inside my house, studying. But I'd rather be here. Seriously, look at those pictures, and tell me I'm wrong!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Can I just LIVE at the Holiday Inn Express?

This afternoon I had a "Clinical Skills Assessment", which means that I got evaluated on my physical examination skills for the head, eyes, ears, nose and throat, as well as the neurological exam. I've spent the last couple of months learning how to do this stuff, so it was no big deal, but they want to make sure that we actually know what we're doing (imagine that!).

Anyway, it was no big deal, I passed and everything (meaning I did everything they wanted me to do), but that (among other things) has kind of made me think--I kind of know what to do to figure out what's wrong with people. Which is pretty exciting for me, considering that after 5 and (almost) a half years after high school, I almost know how to do the job I'm training for! I guess "almost" may be premature, because I still have a lot to learn, but my point is, I feel pretty good about things right now, and regardless of whether I get the best grades in the class or whether I just get solidly-passing grades in the middle of the class (which may or may not bother a perfectionist--not that I know any!), I know what I'm doing. Anyway, its a good feeling. Because, in the end, its important that I know what I'm doing, not that I pad my ego.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Once again, its been too long since I wrote anything...In the days since then, I've been pretty busy. I mean, with Halloween, the Election, the pretending to study studying, it all takes its toll.

Anyway, I for one am absolutely thrilled that this elestion's over. It was just like a huge cloud hanging over our collective soul head (and by that I mean I was sick of the campaign ads), and I'm glad we can move on now.

Anyway, in other news, my flag football team lost our playoff game (playoffs?!?, don't talk about playoffs!!!) tonight, so thus ends my career as a flag football player at Notre Dame.

In any case, there isn't much more to tell. Therefore (and remember, any time you see the word "therefore", you've got to ask what it's there for), I will cut this entry short.