Saturday, January 31, 2009

What in the world is in that bag, what'chu got in that bag?

As I walked from my car to the house tonight coming home from studying at the medical school, it became very clear; I carry around WAY too much stuff. Walking in, I had in my hands/on my back/under my arm/I considered holding in my teeth: my bookbag, my bag of medical tools, my gym bag for working out, my dress-clothes for going to the clinic today, and my keys. I realize, I don't paint that dramatic a picture. However, I bring it up just to give you all a little insight into the REAL life of Matt...

Which is what you were all dying to get, I'm sure. While some "bloggers" would start waxing their cars poetic about life, I refuse to do so. I just felt like writing something!

P.S. Bonus points if you know where the title of this post came from (no googling allowed...).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trust me... ...I'm a med student!

At this time I believe it is my duty to finally write another post... Well, I've been busy. You guessed it... studying... The new semester is in full swing, and come to think of it, it isn't all that new anymore. As a matter of fact, its almost been a month. And come to think of it, this is my last semester of going to lecture AKA "the preclinical years". Starting this June 15th, I'll be roaming around the hospitals of Indianapolis in my short white coat, seeing patients, trying not to look dumb in front of my attendings, and, um... saving lives...? I can't wait. But there's a ton of stuff I've got to do before then, including passing all my classes for the semester, not losing my mind in the process, studying for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) Step 1 (there are three steps), taking the USMLE Step 1, finalizing my plans for housing in Indianapolis, moving to Indianapolis, and again, not losing my mind in the process. So, that's the plan. It's gonna be great!

In all of this craziness, I hope to keep my sense of humor, which I exercise regularly whilst reading Dinosaur Comics. And no, the title has nothing to do with anything.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'll just leave everybody to guess what I did all day...

There isn't anything else to write, but if you want something to read, I'd like to suggest you go here, and read some of the "collection" of poems by Paul Lawrence Dunbar. I would recommend "Accountability", "Dreams" (the second one on the list), and "Not They Who Soar"--they are my personal favorites.

I bet you didn't know I was so literary!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So, Winter...

Well, its definitely winter here. Its cold, snowing, and there's ice on the roads. While I've spent most of the afternoon and I'll spend awhile longer tonight in the basement of the library, I thought I would share the view of downtown South Bend that I got when I was leaving the hospital today.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Riki Lake Effect?

So, I don't think I had any idea what "lake effect snow" really was until I came to South Bend. In fact, I'm pretty sure I didn't even really know what "snow" was... OK, so I guess it snows lots of places, but we've had a ton of it here, and its making life/driving a lot more interesting. Like that GIANT SUV that almost ran into me this morning.

That's about it. If you want a narrative for the day, here goes: I studied all morning, then all afternoon, and tonight, football. In other news, Andy Roddick ruined my streak by losing in straight sets.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I (heart) Lungs

Well, its almost been a week that I've been back in class, and to be honest, it feels like a lot longer. I really enjoyed all the time off, but I have a feeling that it wasn't the greatest thing for my so-called work ethic. But on the positive side, I don't think I'll have any more of those kinds of breaks in the action for awhile, so just as soon as I can get myself back into the grind of studying my life away, I should be good-to-go for quite some time.

In the past week, I've spent practically all my time doing something related to lungs. We're in the pulmonology section of almost every course that I have right now, so I'm huffing and puffing my way through that. To be honest, it's not all that easy to get a gasp grasp on it all...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Be It Resolved...

I know for a fact that I left you all hanging by a thread when I said that I would be coming up with my new year's resolutions. In an effort to not be rude, I have done just that. In reality, I only have a few resolutions, I think this song sort of sums up my real feelings about new year's resolutions. Anyway here goes:
  1. Don't fail out of school.
  2. Don't fail out of school.
  3. Don't fail out of school.
It's a little like Fight Club, I know. But I think these are good goals to have. I'm also thinking about getting my new 2009 calendar from Despair.com, which I'm hoping will keep me somewhat depressed well grounded all through the new year.

At any rate, I'm drawing my last-ever Christmas break to a close, and trying to do everything that I always want to do but never have time to do before Monday, when Medical Genetics lecture starts at 8am bright and early (can't wait!).

To conclude, like many of you, I have high hopes for the new year. For me anyway, 2008 was like a roller-coaster ride of excitement, boredom, some really good times, and some not-so-good times--all-in-all though, I had a really good year. I'm hoping for another great one in 2009 (knock on wood), or at least some good stories...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Since it is a new

Since it is a new year, I have to say it: Happy New Year! I also want to say that New Year's Resolutions will be forthcoming, so get excited!!!