Monday, January 21, 2008

I love intramural basketball...

I guess the streak had to end sooner or later. Our winning streak in GFS (graduate students, faculty, and staff) basketball, that is. We were 1-0 until tonight. Unfortunately, we lost pretty badly. I think one of the compounding factors was that we only had 5 players, and all of us are medical students who spend about 37 hours a day studying (oh, its possible...). So, yeah, we lost to the law students. They also had a pretty clever name (and about 12 players, plays, and even people who came to watch), but I don't think I can repeat it here.

Oh yeah, I forgot. We had the Neuroscience midterm this morning. So, that was fun. And by fun, I mean it was like getting hit by a car.

Well, I hope you enjoyed Monday as much as I did.

Also, just FYI, when you go to the polls this spring, I heard Ron Paul eats baby kittens. I'm just sayin'... that's what I heard.

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  1. If Ron Paul does eat baby kittens, it's only because they threaten the liberty of the individual. They're probably looking for government handouts.