Friday, February 19, 2010

As always, been too long since I wrote last... I have started several times, but actually fell asleep in my chair.

I've discovered (well, rediscovered) that I'm not exactly a "morning person" (turns out there's a physiologic basis for that, if you're interested), but I am more of a night person. Getting ANYWHERE at a reasonable hour of the morning is an epic battle for me. Exempli gratia, I'm supposed to get to the hospital and see all my patients in the morning. Well, on my current rotation, that means getting to the hospital at about 7am (could be worse, I know). Like I said, epic battle; getting up and ready is like pulling teeth.

On the other hand, staying up late is no big deal

In other news, it's still winter, snow's no fun, and I hate scraping car windows. Also, I'm doing residency somewhere warm.


  1. Interesting condition!!
    Good luck with the warm climate residency but WHEN you get it, count on a visit from us!!!!

  2. Dude pulling teeth is way easier than getting up in the morning! One of these days we need to go on a missions trip somewhere sweet and I'll help you pop out your first one! haha.