Monday, March 22, 2010

Witty Title!

I figured it was time to write something...

So, here goes!

I'm coming toward the end of another rotation. This time it's the internal medicine exam that I'm in "freak-out mode" studying for. Well, maybe I NEED to get into that mode. In case you're wondering, freak-out mode is almost like "the zone", except not quite as good, and not quite as hard to get into! It has more to do with procrastination than it does to do with actually being good at something, and it tends to wear off a little sooner than anyone would like... But it serves its purpose.

Naturally, a little bit of a hypomanic episode might be a little bit cooler, but I'm not entirely sure that's something you can choose to have. You can, however, choose "freak-out mode"--it's as easy as making several pots of coffee!

Anyway, maybe I'm using all of these psychology terms because I'm just looking forward to my next rotation, which is psychiatry. It's my subconscious or something. Anyway, I've had a few thoughts on how to prepare/study for THAT rotation. Most of them center around buying a sweet new couch and free-associating. Others, however, involve buying one or more new t-shirts.

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  1. Dr. Marvin!? Dr. Leo Marvin ?!

    If you go into integrative medicine, I bet you could get away with buying a sitar, writing it off as a work expense, and playing it during some guided imagery. That's totally what I'm going to do (except for the fact that I will of course be working in integrative health care, not medicine. Either way, I'm buying a sitar someday.) As a great man once said, an ounce of sitar is worth a pound of cure.