Sunday, August 26, 2007

I know the brachial plexus like the back of my, umm...brachial plexus?

This morning I went to the church of Behavioral Science. Which means I read for Behavioral Science all morning. Thus far, my Sundays in South Bend have not included going to church. I could attribute that to having too much work to do, but I think the real issue is a combination of laziness, and the fact that it is actually a daunting task to find a new church. Anyway, I'm sure I'll find one soon.
Today has been a day of more, mixed in with more studying. In addition to that, though, I signed up for Pandora (the internet radio website), and it is pretty sweet. So I enjoyed some music while I was studying. Plus it's free.

A few random thoughts before I draw this to a close. First, I can't wait until football season. Second, I like sleeping, but recently, I've been having some really weird dreams.

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