Sunday, September 30, 2007

One Week

One week. That's all that separates me from being done with my first class in medical school. However, as a part of that week, I have to spend a ton of time getting ready to take the National Discipline Exam. It is great fun. So far today, I have looked at pictures in Gray's Anatomy for about 6 hours, and I have reached page 419!
This is probably a good place to point out, for those who don't know, that before Gray's Anatomy was a popular TV show, it was a world-famous Anatomy textbook. Just thought I'd drop some knowledge on ya. I guess not everyone knows that. I think they spell "Gray's" differently though. maybe with an "e". But I don't feel like looking it up, cause that's not important. And even though NOBODY else was thinking this (even though they have similar names), Gray's was NOT written Gandalf the Grey of Lord of the Rings fame. He's not even real... Although I have to believe that guy would be a great anatomist given the opportunity.
So that about sums it all up... in all seriousness, though, I really am looking forward to getting this class done with. It's been hard, and even though I've enjoyed some parts of it, it will be great to get this monkey off my back (if you will).

In an aside, the GFS flag football Blue League better look out, cause I got my cleats now. MBA students, you have been warned... lol, just kidding, I'm having a hard time believing we'll win any games... but you never know.


  1. Matt - Thanks for the trivia about Gray's Anatomy! "Grey's Anatomy" is one of my favorites! Always good to read your blog! Hang in there this week! I will be praying for you!
    Love, Nance