Tuesday, October 9, 2007

When I Look in the Mirror, All I See is the Face of Organization

Well, I finally gave in and got one of those PDA's you may or may not have heard of. For those who don't know, PDA stands for Pretty 'Danged' Amazing, and what a PDA does is, the minute you start using it, it makes everything in your life run smoother. Your IQ goes up at least 60 points, if not more. You never forget, or forget to do, anything (cause its all in the PALM OF YOUR HAND!). You get a raise, a promotion, and a new car within the first week, and if you're not making 6 figures by the end of a month, you better check your warranty, cause I bet that's covered. In addition, you instantly gain the respect of your friends, you attain Nirvana, and you think of the solution to world peace.

Actually I did buy one of those things. So everybody keep on the edge of your seats. Something huge is gonna happen...

Coming back to reality, fall break is over tomorrow, and its time for 5 and a half weeks of Biochemistry! I've been reading for that all day, and I even went over some parts of my old chemistry books to try to get back into the swing of molecules. Right now, I feel like I understand chemistry a little bit. My prediction is that after tomorrow, I will feel like I do not understand it at all. But that's life.

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